QRC Leadership Elevator

Powered by Flux Capacity. This program is for established, new and aspiring managers leading teams.

The modern workplace has changed and continues to evolve. Today, all employees must take on leadership roles, to work effectively within team and manage projects to achieve collective goals. To attract, develop and retain your talent, it is critical to invest in your people, their skills and capabilities, ensuring the continued growth and future success of your organisation. Your business is your people, take them to the next level with The QRC Leadership Elevator.

The Leadership Elevator is affordable, engaging and interactive.

The 3 day program introduces management philosophies and practices to help elevate established, new and aspirational leaders. Each day is spaced one month apart to help embed concepts, apply them within your business and conduct self-paced learning between sessions.Β  Open to all business types and industries, the Leadership Elevator presents an opportunity to meet and learn from other managers, understanding their approach to leadership and the challenges they face.

The Program

You’ll attend each of the three days on a Monday, one month apart, in Queenstown. All courses run 9am-5pm. The Leadership Elevator is for everyone, whether new to the area or you have lived here for a lifetime. You will meet and share knowledge with other leaders from a range industries, sharing experiences and challenges, whilst learning new tools to apply within your own business.


  • Leadership Roles – Understand the fundamentals of leadership, your personal approach to effective communication and self-management.
  • Emotional Intelligence – Unlock your perspective of the world, your unconscious biases and how they affect your leadership.
  • Leadership Styles – Identify core leadership styles in yourself and in others, identify the best approach for varied situations.


  • Recruitment – How to approach finding the best fit for your team, assess CV’s, conduct interviews and inspire potential new hires.
  • Team Building – Help your team work and have fun together, unlock individual and team motivations to achieve outcomes and drive performance.
  • Coaching Skills – Coach your team with constructive communication, hold them accountable to improve motivation and performance.


  • Mission & Values – Understand the importance of a shared vision to underpin internal and external behaviours and drive success.
  • Strategic Leadership – Influence and empower others to make decisions to enhance your organisation’s long-term success, helping identify and drive future leaders.
  • Change and Culture – Manage and lead change, whilst maintaining balance with team and organisational culture.

Facilitator: Nick Fifield

After 20 years global sales and training experience across Europe and Asia, Nick moved to Queenstown, where he established Flux Capacity, a sales and leadership consultancy.

With a passion for learning, development and organisational change, Nick is committed to improving leadership culture and sales potential across diverse teams and industries.

I am passionate trainer and facilitator, with a keen understanding of effective leadership, sales process and impactful communication. My energy comes from engaging with businesses to understand their specific needs and challenges, developing employee skills and capabilities to create true winning cultures which impact the bottom line.

Nick Fifield Flux Capacity