Student Profile: Anurag Beniwal, Adventure Tourism Management

Q&A with Anurag Beniwal, first year Adventure Tourism Management student

Anurag, or Beni as he’s known to his Kiwi classmates, is embarking on his Adventure Tourism Management internship at one of New Zealand’s biggest names in tourism: Shotover Jet. He’s spent six months at QRC learning all about the industry and getting face to face with Queenstown’s adventure activities as well as making a new group of friends.

Beni tells us about his first six months at QRC.

My classmates: we were 13 students in a class and it made so easy for me to get along with everyone in the first few days only. I bonded with everyone and had so much fun inside and outside classroom. We really were a family making their future together.

QRCs teaching style: I never thought that mystery shopping and familiarisation visit could be a part of the course. These things not only gave us a good time but made us look for the smaller things that make a company or business great. Attention to details is important and I learnt this from these fun activities.

My internship at Shotover Jet: I work in Customer Service – Reservations department. The fact that I’m working at world’s most exciting jet boat company and some people come to New Zealand just to experience Shotover Jet makes me feel so proud that I can’t even express in words. I’m looking forward to work at Shotover Jet for next 9 months as an intern and would love to learn and work in different departments of this business.

My favourite paper: cross-cultural communication because Jenny (tutor) made this so much fun for us to learn and I already love to learn about new cultures. My other two favorite were Business Communication and Service Quality because the knowledge I gained from these subjects is helpful for me and I use this knowledge everyday at work.

The most useful thing I’ve learnt: the importance of Service Quality. Almost every business in town is focused on providing the best service possible. If you are just focused to make money you’ll not go far.

Queenstown: Small town. Big heart.

The future: term 5 and 6 will be all about how to start a business and hire the best ones for the team. These are the things I’m here to learn as my ultimate goal is to start my own business.

Something I’ve learnt about myself: that I’m not just a dreamer but an achiever.

Something new: there’s so many things I’ve tried here for the first time in my life and these are as small as making a meal for myself to as big as jumping out of a plane. My everyday here in Queenstown is new and adventurous.

5 years from now: I see myself as a brand new entrepreneur who is giving people the best experiences of their lives and putting a smile on their faces. Giving them a memory that they can cherish for lifetime.